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"Legend Defender" by Miroslav "Mirre" Plancak

Through the course of this year we will be creating a world and populating it with creatures, legends and heroes.
This world will continue to grow and change throughout the semester.
Be prepared to
1) Talk about your ideas.
2) Listen to other ideas and give constructive criticism.
3) Write, write, write, write, write, write, write.
4) Revise and edit your work and the work of others.
5) Share what you have written with classmates and others.
6) Read great examples of Fantasy or Sci Fi literature (at least 4 books).

We will:
Create a world, determine it's name, cosmology, and magic system. You will populate it with your people, customs, legends, history, zoology/biology, dress and rituals. You will create narratives, at least one of which will be based on the Hero's Quest, you will adventure to other regions and interact with other characters.

Building Worlds Links

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Shivaheim (2015-16 World)

Triskellion (2013-14 World)
Tetravier (2012-13 World)
Pyrosium (2012 World)
Chimeria (2011 World)