Alaric Isur

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Alaric inspiration (James Macavoy)
Alaric in a kilt, Because kilts!

Alaric is taller than Lys (about 6’ 2) and lean. Very athletic body.

His father (Jokorin) is full Fae and his mother (Datura) is half-Fae, so he can easily pass for full Fae.

Age: Late 30’s to early 40’s

He is considered very handsome. He is half-Fae and can use glamour (which can accent his attractiveness) He is also skilled in weapons such at longsword, daggers and crossbow. His father is a blood mage, but he eschews the practice.

He has curly dark hair, flecked with silver. His eyes are piercing bright blue.

He has good dexterity and is quick in a fight. He seems happy go lucky, but there is a tense energy coiled in him.

You notice his hair and eyes first, along with his striking features. He does not bother to hide his pointed ears.

He dresses well, usually in pants, boots, vest and shirt. He prefers dark colors and wears a light mail vest under his shirt.

He is smart, and a strategic thinker. He often uses sarcasm. He can be rash and takes risks and chances. He is an idealist and usually thinks before he speaks. He always seems to be in a good mood and is a jokester.

He is an extrovert and gets along well with almost everyone. He is a complete charmer. Most people really like him. He has many friends. He often conceals his true emotions because it is dangerous from him to show them.

He has a great sense of humor, although his jokes are never cruel. He is in love with Lys, and although she knows it and she likes him, she does not think that she has time for a relationship right now. She keeps saying “later...when there is time.” He believes, “no time like the present, because we don’t know if we will have a later.” He finds this situation frustrating, but he believes that she is worth the wait and the effort. He has been in love with her since she came to his home for training from Datura and Jokorin.

Alaric is well off, he never seems to need money and has everything that he could need.

He is generous, especially with those who are less fortunate than he is. He has no social position in the Fae world, but he is a Conductor on the underground railroad and holds a high position in the rebellion. He will defer to Lys, even if he thinks that she is doing something dangerous.