Her breathing was raspy, and her hands shook violently, along with her entire body. Blood was trickling from her nose, and nasty bruises were forming, some atop others that had not yet had the chance to heal. Seema had suffered another beating at the hands of her father, and thought that maybe, at least, she would get her chance to escape the cruel life. It would not be hard, she knew if she waited long enough, she would shut down. While she had always wanted to fight against this world, and the fate she’d been given, one could only be pushed down so many times before they came to realize keeping their head down was the only thing to do,

Laying upon the earth floor, she struggled to breathe, the fight becoming even more difficult. Yet her body did not surrender. She did not want to go out like this. She had to at least try something. And that is when the idea hit her. Grasping onto a nearby table, she hauled herself upward, feeling pain shoot up from her ankle, which had been either twisted or broken. Dragging herself over to the small chest in her room, she removed the top, and took out a leather bound book. It had been her mothers, and where she had gotten she hadn’t the faintest idea. It was a book of magic, most specifically, daemonic magic. She’d come upon in cleaning out her mother’s drawers, and had decided to keep it. Seema loved reading, and the book hadn’t seemed to be dangerous. But when she’d first opened it to a random page, and had read the first sentence, she’d been too afraid to go any further. It was the page which taught one how to do a proper summoning of a demon. Lowering herself back onto the floor, she began turning pages quickly. The of the book was in common tongue, and she soon find what she was looking for. Taking the deepest breath she could, she began to draw an outline in the dirt, the picture drawn in the book, and in a raspy voice, began to recite the words written on the page.

“O magna daemon, audi clamórem meum. Mori volo interficerent. Ostende mihi exaudi orationem meam. Ut animam meam in vobis,” she chanted, finishing the shape in the dirt. Pain coursed through her now, as if she was being thrown into a fire. It made her ears ring, and she almost halted her chanting. This was the price of magic; Everyone could cast it, but it was at the coast of unimaginable pain. What made it even worse was the spell required so much magic, intensifying the pain to an even worse point. Still, ignoring the horrid sensation, she carried on. Wiping her nose, and taking blood from that, she placed her hand in the center of it, and waited for something to happen. This was her last chance. She had prayed to every god imaginable, to every single guardian there was that someone would save her. But no one had come. If the demon did not come... Then she would surely lose to the world.

However, this would no be so. The ground began to shake, and from the earth, a figure rose. It was tall, it’s head nearly touching the ceiling. It was large too, rather burley. She couldn’t make out a detailed face because of the poor lighting of the room, but she could see shadows on the face, indicating it had facial features of some sort.

“You have called me, child,” a voice rang in her ear, “Why have you summoned me?”

“I-I wish to seek vengeance upon those who have wronged me,” she spoke with as much courage she could muster, staring him down, sticking her chin out. The demon stared at her for a time, and then broke out into a crude laugh.

“You show no fear, my child. Why are you not terrified, shaking in your boots?” He asked in between fits of laughter. She kept her eyes upon him, not backing down.

“Because, I have seen far worse monsters in men. You are nothing compared to them,” the demon snorted, and leaned down, getting close to her face.

“You compare me to such a meek and foul race as man?” the demon showed no sign of anger, and part of her was relieved. He seemed to find all of this very funny, and she hoped that that would become a benefit to her.

“You are very strange to me, child. So young, but yet, you sit there, and you make such remarks to a demon. You show no fear, and see me as I am, something not even the fiercest man can admit to doing. So why have you called me here?”

“Well,” the girl exhaled through her mouth, “There is only so much a girl can do, with the amount of power I have... My father, an evil and cruel man, has pushed me to far. I fear he will kill me. I seek revenge, and am willing to give up... Whatever you want of me.” She swallowed hard, waiting for the demon’s response. The creature stopped laughing, and there was a long period of silence. She watched him intently, her body becoming tense. Finally, the demon broke it.

“If you were given the opportunity to smite him down with your own hand, would you take it?” he asked her, all traces of humor gone from his voice. She was taken aback by the question, but she nodded slowly.

“Indeed, I would, if I could. He is the man who killed my mother, and in return, I would put an end to him.” The demon smirked cruelly, and placed one a hand upon her cheek, cupping her face in his taloned hand. As soon as he made contact with her, she flinched back, readying herself for a jolt of pain that never came. She let her muscles go back to their less tensed state after a few moments, her brain registering that he had no intent of smacking her, or hurting her in anyway.

“There is much potential within you, young one. Powers that you don’t even know you possess. I will offer you a deal, my child. I will grant you immortal life, and in return, you will work for the demons for as long as you live.” Her eyes widened, and she was unsure if she should take the bargain. Demons had always been described as mischievous creatures, who went back on their agreements. But her situation would get no better if she did nothing, and neither would anyone else who suffered in the way that she did. Taking a deep breath in through her nose, exhaling threw her mouth, she nodded, eyes locking on his.

“I agree to your terms,” she spoke, her voice more steady, and less trembling now. The demon gave another terrifying grin, before he gripped her face in both hands, and began speaking.

“Very well, my child. You have agreed to an entirety of servitude, in exchange for power. I, the great Sethos, will grant you an endless life, and power beyond your wildest dream. No sword, or any other man created weapon, will be able to end your life. You shall become a new being all your own. I shall bind myself to you, and you and I shall benefit from one another. If I am rewarded, you shall be as well. However, if I am stricken with pain, then you shall feel these blows as well, and suffer along side me. We are tied to each other. Animas nostras tenentur. Nunc et aeternaliter. Mors foedera rumpet,” and with that, the lights that had dimly lit the room began to flicker, and the floor began to shake. She felt something building up inside her; a power that she had never felt before. The room was spinning, and the only reason she didn’t fall was because she was supported by Sethos. Her eyes squeezed shut, and when a sudden jolt of pain ran through her spinal cord, she screamed. She toppled onto the earth flooring, having been released by Sethos. She gripped her head, nails digging into her scalp.Slowly, she felt unconsciousness creeping up on her, and allowed herself to be taken by darkness for a while.

When she awoke, the pain had lessened considerably, and she sat up slowly, testing on wether or not the absences of pain was caused by staying still. When nothing came of the actions besides a dull tingle, she brought herself upright, and looked around. On the floor next to her, laid a limp body of Sethos. Raising an eyebrow, she moved to touch the body, but his voice echoed throughout her mind.

“What an interesting mind you have,” she squeaked, jumping back, looking around, causing him to laugh, “Silly child, did you not listen? I am a part of you now. I am connected to you, digging into your spine. Now, first, before we do anything, we need to hide my body. If anyone were to destroy that, it would be the end of me, and of you as well. Where is the best place you can think of?” Blinking, getting adjusted to the new presences in her mind, she thought about every single place she knew off. It was limited in terms of Tetravier, however, she knew of a few places not on the plane.
“Oh, you did not mention to me you had the gift of planeswalking,” Sethos chided, in a teasing manor, “Well, that would work just perfectly. Go ahead, pick up my body, and lets go.” She doubted she would be able to pick up the hefty load, but she leaned over regardless, and slipped her hands under the still form. She lifted it upwards with shocking ease, and cradled it against her chest.

“Don’t doubt yourself, my child. Your going to have some very impressive abilities now,” Sethos laughed, “Now, transport us somewhere remote. Where no one will ever find me.” Thinking of the most desolate plane she’d traveled to, she closed her eyes, and pictured it. Magic bubbled within her, and the pain she was now becoming accustomed to came back. Hissing in pain, she worked threw it, and soon enough, she felt herself leave Tetravier’s plane, and enter one of the plane Huorna. She’d discovered the land in a dream when she was far younger, and it had come to be one of her favorite places. She’d never met anyone who roamed it, and it had been a place for her to relax, and hide. It was a covered mainly by a dense forest, which seemed to be ever changing. Part of her believed the trees were alive, and moving about, but she’d never been able to prove that.
Landing in the familiar place, she reopened her eyes, and looked around. It was the same endless forest she’d come to call a second home, and out of the corner of her eye, she noticed what appeared to be a clearing in the distance. Making sure the body was still secure in her arms, she walked toward it. After a couple yards, she passed the trees, which opened itself into a clear area. The grass was lush and green, and in it’s center there was a boulder that stretched toward the sky. It was nothing special, but it seemed to be a good place none the less. Moving father in, she went to the boulder, and circled it.

“So, where are you thinking about hiding me, my child?” Sethos questioned her, curious, “On top of the boulder?”

“No,” she mumbled, setting the body down, deciding to test her strengths. Going to the rock, she pushed it with all her might, and it moved over. Giving a good couple shoves, she got the boulder completely out of her way, and began digging out a hole in the center of the indent the boulder had left.

“You’re burying my body?” Sethos sounded rather appalled, “I was rather hoping you’d erect an alter in my honor, and have me at the top.”

“I thought you said I had to hide you,” she mumbled, getting the hole deep enough for the body, “Not to put it on display.” Sethos huffed, but remained silent as she worked. Once is was sufficient, she went and retrieved his body. Laying it in the hole, and confirming it was deep snug enough, she picked up the rock, and placed it over him. This way the boulder hid him, but did not crush the body. Brushing her hands on the side of her dress, she stepped away, and made sure the hiding place wasn’t too obvious. Although some of the earth was displaced, that was the only identifying feature.

“Not bad,” came the voice of a content Sethos, “Now, onto your business. Let us go take care of your father, shall we?” Giving another nod, she brought them back to their plane, all while construction a plan. She wanted this to be slow and painful. She wanted this man to suffer, just as she had. She wanted all of his worse fears to come to light, and most of all, she wanted to make him pay. By doing that, she would succeed where others had failed. Her mother had failed her, and although she knew it wasn’t her fault entirely, she couldn’t help but feel a sting of anger. The Guardian of the South had failed her, and every other woman in the city, never once to there rescue. Now, it was up to her. The task had fallen into her hands.

Returning to Tetravier in the same room she’d started out in, she went for the door, and peeked out. Her brothers were all full grown, and had their own families. She would deal with them later. For now, her focus was her father. Creeping out of the room, she heard his distinct snoring from his bedroom. Making her way over, she could see his figure in the bed, along with another, most likely a woman. It was no uncommon for a widowed, or even a married man, to pay a woman in trade for sex. The woman moved around in bed, and she slipped into the room. The woman heard a noise, and saw her standing there. Getting a look at the woman’s face, she recognized her as Hera, a middle aged woman who’d lost her husband, and had been forced onto the streets, because she could not get a job. Hera was about to speak, but was shushed, and was pointed out of the room. Hera would have asked a question, but the look in Seema’s eyes told her it was better not to. Slowly, she grabbed her clothing, and left the room, closing the door behind her. Relieved she would not have to hurt her, Seema’s attention went back to her father.

“What are you going to do to him?” Sethos purred, “I bet it will be an enjoyment to spectate and help, regardless.”

“You are a demon; Can you tell me his greatest fear?” she thought back to him, not wanting to open her mouth, for fear her father would awaken, and act before she’d had time to figure out what she was going to do.

“Of course,” the demon snickered, “His greatest fear is of knives being used on him.” Not being able to control herself, she smirked. While the deeds she was about to commit were awful, a strange sense of joy swept over her. Taking some rope which he kept in the bureau, she began tying his hands to the posts of the bed. This action awoke him, and he stirred.

“Hera, the fuck you think you’re doing?” he snarled, the whiskey on his breath evident, “Don’t make me hurt you, girl.”

“You won’t be doing much of that anymore,” when he heard his daughters voice, his eyes opened quickly, and narrowed.

“The hell you think you’re doing, menda?” she barely flinched at the word, having heard it so many times. It meant mistake, and her father had opted to use it, instead of her normal name.

“Something I should have done long ago, Brutus,” she used his first name, not giving him the honor of being addressed with the title father. He went to smack her, but she shoved his hand down, and gripped it tightly. His eyes widened in confusion, and he attempted to make a move, but found her was incapable while in her hold.

“Stay still,” she warned, voice low, and threatening. Sethos chuckled, and she could tell he was giddy to see what would happen next. Refusing to meet the demands, Brutus continued to struggle. Pulling a hand back, she swiped across his face, leaving gashes across it. He gasped, and stopped moving then.

“Good idea,” she finished tying him up to the bed, and went over to one of the floorboards. Lifting it up, she found his hidden blade, and unseethed it. It was a knife, graved with words of another language. Once, it had been a work of art, something that could have been from the East, but it was blunted after years of use, and lack of care. It had been one of his favorite weapons against her and her mother, and now it was in her possession. Turning back to her father, and rolled the knife around in her hands.

“Menda, what do you think you are doing?”

“Silence!” she stepped forward, pointing the blade at him, power going to her head, adrenaline racing, “I am no longer ‘menda’. I do not go by any other human name either. For I am no longer the weak little girl you once knew. She is dead, and long gone. I have found a much greater power, and I intend to use it. I am Aglæca Vindinca, and I shall avenge those lives you destroyed.”
The next morning, Hera reported that something strange had happened within Brutus’ house. She had heard screams coming from the residence, but been too terrified to go help him. She claimed some sort of evil lurked within the walls, in the form of his daughter. The Enforcers of Potentatus had gone to check, and were greeted with a gruesome sight. In the man of the houses bedroom, they found his body, still tied to the bed. His body was completely naked, but the blanket covered his lower regions. Across his arms and chest a messaged was craved.

‘Let him be an example.’ The enforcers quickly removed the body, and worked to cover up the story. However Brutus, and his young daughter could not be found. The people of the town began talking, most of the death of a good friend, Brutus, but others of his daughter. Some rumored that she’d killed her father in her right mind, or that she’d been possessed by a demon.

Both rumors were correct, of course. Algæca went on the run after the killing, fleeing to another plane. However, she would not forget Potentatus, or Tetravier. She would come back, and with a vengeance.