When the battle was over, Aedre and Kellan returned to Raziela. Madame Cho had done exactly as Kellan had predicted, she cured the tree. Aedre was reluctant to return to Raziela, the place where she wasn’t accepted, but Kellan brought her back anyway.
The fairies knew that Aedre was the one that saved the Tree. They knew that she fought in the big battle and helped save Madame Cho from her imprisonment. She was regarded as a hero in this region. They crowded around her when she returned and finally accepted her now that they knew of her powers. Kellan and Alaerth flew away after saying their goodbyes with no doubt the Aedre would be happy.
After returning, Aedre was given a place to live and a job to do. She collected fruit and helped others with their tasks as well. She contributed to the fairies and did her part. After working, the fairies asked her to tell the story of the battle and of her quest, and she recounted the tale almost every day. She visited Alaerth, General Kellan, and his fiance as much as she could, but ended up happy in Raziela, something she never thought would happen.