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Aaron Delcourt

Moondogs Review

The first day I started reading "Moondogs" I knew immediately, that I wouldn't be doing much other than reading. It's about a father, Howard, and son, Benicio, who decide to meet in the Philippines, where Howard lives, to mend their relationship. Benicio arrives only to find that Howard is missing. While Benicio thinks his father has ditched him, Howard is in fact being held captive by a taxi driver and his pet rooster Kelog. The fantasy element in the book is very small at first, but that only makes it more unique to me.

Each chapter follows the story from a different character’s point of view. There’s Benicio, Howard, a worker for the Philippines’ American Embassy, the kidnappers. The book even follows a character named Efrem, who has the ability to see anyone and shoot them, no matter where they are. He is hired to work for a group of crime fighters who have special abilities. One person is a shape shift and another attracts bad luck. Like I said, the fantasy of the book is small, but it gradually becomes more important as the plot progresses.

Alexander Yates has a way of making his characters seem real. I know people in real life who are exactly like characters from the book. They aren't just disposable, nobodies; they're unique interesting people, who fascinate me to no end.

The world that "Moondogs" takes place in is harsh. Sometimes bad things happen and there isn't any padding to soften the blow of an otherwise tragic circumstance. That's not to say it's all sad. There is plenty of wit to keep me chuckling periodically.

I love this book. It’s one of the best books I have ever read and I hope you give it a read.