Aaron Delcourt A Comparison of Lunaria to Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game takes place in a possible future of our world. The book was published in 1985, a time when the world was very different from it is today. This results in a world that seems possible, but isn’t the same as ours. There are similarities that both worlds share and differences that make Ender’s Game an obvious work of fiction.

Lunaria isn’t a prediction of our future. It’s simply a fantasy world that relies on different aspects of our past. There are the obvious things, like language and common house hold objects, and more specific things, like morality and certain social customs. It’s fantasy style comes from the elements that aren’t seen in our world. Even though the air ships have scientific elements about them, at heart the design is improbable. A sky ship might not even lift off the ground in our world.

What seems to work, in both Ender’s Game and Lunaria, is the fact that both would be different creations entirely if Card and I didn’t have Earth to use as a reference. Card’s world relies on the Earth’s likely technological advantages. My world relies heavily on aesthetics and breaks the rules of our world to keep it a work of fantasy.