Your first questions:
What shall we call our world? The name of our world is Pyrosium.
How does time work? 490 days in the year, 70 days per season, 24 hours in a day,
What are the seasons? 7 seasons (The Dying Time,The Starving Time, The Time of Celebration, The Time of Renewal, The Planting Time, The The Growing Time, The Harvest Time).
How long are Months? Days? Years? Phoenix sun! Year of the Phoenix...which could last as long as the Phoenix Sun
Last time we had the Rising of the Phoenix was when the Alliance broke. Knowledge of the PS was lost.
PS powers the gates.
Year of the Phoenix
Weapons don't exist in the forum? Can't pass through with evil intentions?
Forum is like a holy, neutral place.
Can't enter without invitations.
Phoenix Sun powers magic.
Certain magic items (or gems) only work during the PS
Gates embedded with gems
regulate the gems so that not everyone can use them or have them.
part of a bloodline, descendants of the Alliance, OR heroes of the region
Each region can have their own architecture/style of gates
Each region has a gem specific to that region.
Gate is sentient. Wizard's life force is in the gates and forum.
Gates only work when the PS is happening
PS every 1000 years?
Big planet:PS acts as a Moon. PS ignites every 1000 years.
What are the requirements to get into the gates?
Capable of using the stones and bloodline or champion of the region.
Maybe on the gates it says what you need to do to get though the gates?
What are they called?
How can people get from place to place?
(Our current idea for this is that is a magical portal or door in every region).
[Brainstorming session with Mariah: Long ago there was an Alliance of Warriors from all the different lands of our world. The Alliance built gates in all the various regions to allow the representatives ease of travel between regions. The gates brought the Alliance members to a grand round forum that was created magically to be apart from any region but linked to all of them. Meetings were held in this forum and Alliance members could travel from place to place by using the linking gates in the forum. This Alliance held strong for many years, until one day (something) happens. The Alliance crumbles and dissolves, the regions separate and knowledge of the gates is lost, seemingly forever. Until now....

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